Fera Ferotge

blanc mavabeu penedès socarrada àmfora ecològic organic wine

Fera Ferotge, (wild beast).

That unknown and indomitable beast rooted in the Penedès territory for centuries. Fall almost forgotten today represents the future.


The sumoll was a grape variety very common in the Penedès until the mid-twentieth century until its use declined in favor of other grape varieties, especially white for cava.


On the label we have drawed a Drac (Dragon in Catalan), element of the Penedès folckore Folklore that goes back to the 15th century, and that symbolized evil.

Due to its high acidity it is an ideal wine to accompany stews, baked roasts, semi-cured cheeses. Also with spicy cuisine.

Vegan wine. In its preparation, no product of animal origin is used

red wine Penedès D.O

Vintage 2017

100% Sumoll


Sant Pere Molanta planted in 1968.



Handpicked. Spontaneous fermentation in chestnut open barrels. Manual pressing and subsequent aging in the same barrels for 10 months. It is bottled in October 2017.


                                  TASTING NOTES