Xarel·lo and red Xarel·lo, two similar but not identical grape varieties, give an unique personality to this wine with fruity aroma, intensity in the mouth, and with a dry but refreshing finish. A new look to the classic Penedès white wine.

Xarel.lo and red Xarel.lo  (Xarel.lo vermell in Catalan). The red Xarel.lo is a genetic mutation of the Xarel.lo. It is a very rare grape variety (practically defunct).  The difference is that it skin is red and thicker with more tannins adding greater aromatic complexity.


Ideal for glass or companion for fish dishes, rice, oriental fusion cuisine, cheese etc.

Organic wine certified by CCPAE

Vegan wine. In its preparation, no product of animal origin is used

white wine Penedès D.O

Aged in steel tank with its own lees

Vintage 2019

65% Xarel·lo blanc 35% Xarel.lo Vermell


"Triangle" & "Pupurri" from La Pineda estate and "La Carretera" from Bellver.


Short cold pellicular maceration to extract the aromas from the skins, above all from the red xarel.lo. Static settling of the flower must at 16 °C and alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Aging with its lees for two months.


Penetrating and delicate aromas: tropical fruity notes provided by red Xarel.lo (banana, pineapple), floral notes (orange blossom), citrus notes (grapefruit), on a background of Mediterranean shrub (fennel). Intense mouth with a fresh lingering finish.

Xarel.lo i Xarel.lo vermell
Xarel.lo i Xarel.lo vermell