blanc penedès Horafosca vinya vella xarel.lo ecològic organic wine


At the end of September, beginning of autumn, walking through the vineyard of "La Higuera" under the last daylight and contemplating the xarel.lo still to harvest becomes a magical moment.

A balanced wine that shows to the maximum the tipicity of xarel.lo in its natural habitat; height of 250 m above sea level, fertile and deep ground, and small vines with little production.


The vineyard of "The fig tree" maintains the identity of those landscapes from the past, where it was usual the coexistence of the vines with a fig tree in the middle, which gave the shade needed for farmers and draft animals.

ceps  en vas de la vinya vella La Figuera xarel.lo ecològic al Penedès

A gastronomic wine that allows many variations: To accompany baked fish, seafood, ham and Iberian charcuterie and soft cheeses evolved.

Vi ecològic certificat per el CCPAE

Vi apte per a vegans. En la seva elaboració no s'utilitza cap producte d'origen animal

 white wine Penedès D.O

Aged in french oak barrels

Vintage 2018

100% Xarello

 Plot: "La Figuera" from La Pineda state, planted in 1951.



Cold maceration of the skins for 5 hours. Static clearing of the must at 14 degrees C and fermentation with its own natural yeast in stainless steel tanks. Aged in 300 litre Hungarian oak and Spanish chesnutt barrels with their own fine lees for 7 months.



Wonderfully concentrated aroma, intense and elegant, a wide range of nuances with a dynamic sequence (from citrus fruits to stone fruits and some spices).

The palate is soft, oily and balanced with medium acidity that gives a cool effect and deep. Predominates over fruit wood. The gentle effect of contact with the lees give us body and a deep silky texture. It perceives the mineral character of the wine in the aftertaste.